Packing & Travel


TSA has different guidelines for every airport across the country. While initially this may seem annoying, this an extremely effective counter terrorism measure. By having different standards of what is or isn't allowed that are regularly changing, they can keep dangerous things out of the sky.

That means you have to check with your local airport to find out the SPECIFICS of what is and isn't allowed to fly. Genereally speaking, most airports are the same with slight variations.

What needs done BEFORE I LEAVE?

Remember: We are traveling internationally and there are rules for entering and leaving different countries. Anticipate going through customs (it's not as bad as it used to be for all of you seasoned travelers.) You need to fill out this form here before leaving. This can be done on a phone or computer.

Things like passports, drivers licences, birth certificates will never hurt to have on your phone in case you were to lose your passport. If you were to lose your passport on the trip, there is help for you, and having photos of the originals will expedite that process.

What are the limits for liquids?

If you plan on carrying a liquid onto the airplane in a checked bag or carry on bag, the typical limit

When should I weigh my bags?

Before you leave your house.

You can purchase a luggae scale at your local big box mega store like walmart or target.

If you don't have a luggage scale, but you or a very friendly neighbor does, simply pick up your bag and stand on the scale, recording that weight. Then set the bag down and record that weight. Subtract the second number from the first number and the difference is the weight of your luggage.

Make sure you get this as accurate as possible to avoid being the person who is throwing flip flops and sun block in the trash at the check in counter. Every ounce count, so make sure you really do need whatever you bring.

You may also want to leave some spare room for souvenirs!

What do I bring if I have or want an excursion?

This is excursion dependent. If you book ahead of time, the excursion companies will always have a list of what they recommend and also what they demand you wear.

Do your best to use common sense. Going for a ride on a dune buggy or 4 wheeler? Flip flops probably aren't the best idea, but a bandana for your face might come in handy. Close toed shoes will probably best for most of these activites, but use common sense combined with your best judgment.

Please do not rely on the excursion company to have a solution due to your lack of preparation. Remember that they have rules and if you forget something, it wasn't their fault.

What if I like to wear dresses? Will that be a problem?

This is a weirdly specific question we have been asked a lot. Our advice is this:

If you like to wear dresses, you should wear dresses.

We will caution you that beaches are typically very windy and this beach will be very windy. Please at least just wear underwear.

How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

There is a shuttle service! We will post information here, but in case we forget and you are currently reading this at the airport, tell them you are trying to get to Dreams Resort. You do not have to pay for a taxi if you don't want to, however, the option is there.

How do I get from the airport to the resort?

This is the info you need to know about for the transfers at the airport. Follow these instructions and then give them the following:

  • Your reservation number
  • Name
  • You are going to Dreams Royal Beach.

Additional Information:Upon arrival after clearing immigration and customs, proceed towards the arrival hall and look for the Amstar logo on the electronic monitors.

Since you have already arranged for your hotel transportation, there is no need to stop with timeshare representatives offering you information and products in the arrival hall.

This will help ensure a timely departure to your resort. An Amstar representative (wearing a signature blue-flowered shirt) will greet you outside the terminal building and escort you to your transfer vehicle.


What does "All-inclusive" mean?

All-inclusive means mostly inclusive. There will be all of the food and drink (alcohol included) that your body can handle. However, there are also other dining and entertainment options that you can pay extra for.

Ask the concierge at the front desk if you have any questions about what is included in your stay.

How do I know where everything is at the resort?

They have an app! The resort is owned by Hyatt, so there app will be what you will need to download>

FInd it here for Android.

Find it here for iOS/iPhone.

Should I bring money for tips?

Here is the best way to explain tipping culture:

While it is not at all required, your experience will be overall better if you choose to help those that help you.

The drink runner or server that sees a $1 bill every time he or she drops a drink off for you will be sure to circle back to see if you want another VERY shortly after.

The housekeeper that finds a $5 on the bed every morning when turning your room over will make sure to pay extra special attention to the details of your room in the hopes of a new $5 being there tomorrow.

So, it's not required, but always appreciated.

Should I bring spending money?

That is a fantastic idea! There will be local vendors on the beaches and gathering areas, along with people carrying around local wildlife like moneys and exotic birds for you to take pictures with.

You are absolutely welcome to partake in these different activities! We even encourage it. Just remember one thing: This is what the vendors do for a living. If you don't pay with exact cash, I can almost promise that the person on the other side of the transaction will conveniently not have enough change to break your larger bill.

Do with that information as you will.

What is the deal with the animal on the beach.

If you read the question above or watched some YouTube videos, you may have learned about people with animals on the beaches.

Remember: Punta Cana beaches are PUBLIC. They are NOT reserved just for resort guests.

This means there are plenty of locals that want to give you the opportunity to have your photos taken while holding their animals. There are plenty of stories of these locals allowing their animals to get a little to close to tourists and when the animal gets on their shoulder, the handlers won't call the animal off until you pay.

While we can't tell you that you HAVE TO pay them to remove the animal if this happens to you, what we can tell you is that unless they are a guest of the resort, they are NOT allowed on resort property.

A simple stroll towards resort property will surely ensure the handler requesting the animal leaves your shoulder to avoid risking losing it to a stranger.

Dress code?

Good question. There is no real dress code for the general resort, though some restaurants do require a certain dress code. Usually, these are still relaxed but basically don't allow for things like bathing suits, flip flops or general beach apparel.

Typically they require things like a button up or collared shirt if they do require any sort of dress code.

Do I need additional reservations?

Spa appointments and restaurant reservations are HIGHLY recommended before you show up. You absolutely can make them while there, but there will be no promise of times.


What is the itinerary on Wedding Day?

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ceremony on the Beach: 5:00pm

Group Pictures & Cocktail Hour: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Reception on the Beach: 6:30pm

After Party at the Resort Bars!

Who is the wedding party?

The Maid of Honor is Jill P. (Becca's Mom)

The Best Man is Josh T. (Neither Zac's nor Becca's Mom)

Can I bring my dog?

If you can figure it out, we would love to have them. Officially, the resort is not pet friendly.

What is the attire?

Literally whatever you want. We want you to be relaxed and have fun, while still looking stunning. Most of the men have said they will be wearing "beach casual" and the same goes for women."

What is on the schedule?

There actually is no schedule! We wanted this to be a vacation for you as much as it is a wedding for us. Think of this of that as your annual family vacation, with a wedding thrown in.

Take this time to spend with your loved ones and friends. Relax, disconnect, and decompress.

We will be letting everyone know the events on the day of the wedding, don't stress


When will the BBQ be?

Info coming really soon!

Where wil it be?

It will be held in Youngstown, Ohio (technically Poland, Ohio). We will be releasing all of the finer details on the invitation. That will be going out soon as well as being posted on this site.